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Textured Teeth Cleaning Wipes


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Smile with Confidence

Confident White Smile ™ Teeth Cleaning Wipes are a unique, innovative specialty dental wipe used to maintain your oral hygiene between regular brushing and flossing.


Confident White Smile ™ textured Teeth Cleaning Wipes are a new sugar free, stevia sweetened, Dental wipe that provides a minty burst of freshness.  Use them to clean your teeth, tongue and gums while freshening breath on-the-go anytime, anywhere.  


These dental wipes require no water or rinsing.

W H A T   W E   D O

Our mission is to provide consumers with the best oral care products, at the best price, with outstanding customer service.


Our ultimate goal is to provide everyone with an affordable and convenient means to assist in improving proper daily oral hygiene.


Confident White Smile ™ Teeth Cleaning Wipes are designed as an addition to the basic oral hygiene regime of daily  brushing and flossing.



We are a manufacturing company that specializes in high quality, affordable oral health care products.  


In business since 2007 with distribution throughout North America.  We are constantly working towards expanding our market reach and welcome all products inquiries from both large and small distribution channels.


Our products are currently available at over 200+ locations across North America.






W H O  W E  A R E 

W H Y  C H O O S E  U S

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Fresh and Fragrant

Confident White Smile Teeth Cleaning Wipes

When you don't have your toothbrush but wish you did!


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